Blind Side by Kandi Steiner Review

Blind SideBlind Side by Kandi Steiner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This read blew me away. It was sweet, steamy, heartwrenching and a little silly.

The chemistry between innocent little Giana and star athlete Clay was both humorous and passionate! They made incredible friends before they crossed the boundary into fake lovers. They truly wanted to help each other out in their uniquely different situations. Even though I didn't care for either of the "other" people in the relationships they were trying to create/save, I liked the premise of why they made the deal they did.

I adored the way all of the side characters looked out for Giana and had her back when she was so unsure of herself and her abilities. She was such a loner but she had a "family" that she didn't even realize existed.

While there were parts of the plot that I was unsure of, I actually really enjoyed the added tension and angst! We all know a fake relationship never stays fake for long, but I appreciated that the author threw another element of surprise into the storyline that had me worried and anxious for the couple and a HEA!

The SMUT was absolutely off the charts in this read!!!!

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